Thursday, April 22, 2010

English is NOT necessary to succeed in life???

Agree? or totally oppose?.uh who cares? :P

But who knows. perhaps one day, our teacher or lecturer would give an assignment or essay that relates with the language,, n then we have to do it.on the other hand, im babbling bout the importance of English lol, so i wanna share some points n facts here...., hoping it helps.LOL.

  • English was originated from the West Germanic language that developed in England and South-eastern Scotland, during the Anglo-Saxon era. It spread to all part of the world as a result of military, economic, scientific , political and cultural influence and till now it has become the lingua franca in many parts of the world. Therefore, in this era of globalization, the language was very important since it did play an important role in our life.
  • English is an international language n is understood and spoken everywhere in the world. It has been the foremost language and mastering it has become a demand. English is a must for global competitiveness. Its’ importance in global competition is indisputable. To be competitive here and abroad, we must learn, use and excel in it. We can’t deny the fact that in today’s globalization commotion, it is the wind beneath everyone’s wings. Acquiring and excel in English is the key that opens the door to all life has to offer. The benefits of a good English , enhanced vision and improved performance is crucial to being successful in life. Success belongs to those who acquire it.
  • As students of great hope why must we keep on saying that English is unnecessary to succeed in life? Is MUET test important to the form six students? To the varsity students? If it is not important, why should the examination syndicate make it a compulsory for the candidates to get at least a Band 3 to enable them be graduated? The exam syndicate foresee the importance of English to succeed in life, thus make it compulsory, and yet ,you, the opposition team felt otherwise, isn’t it paranoid ?
  • Besides that acquiring a good command of English helps us to improve our station in life. Through using the ability to learn and acquiring the language, we can find the power to change our life. Furthermore, it enables us to cast off the garments of a meaningless life and put on the garments of a meaningful life. By acquiring English, learning will become a fun thing to do and equips us with a critical thinking and life skills that lead to a successful life. Come on friends, lets start seeing the big picture of us, of the nation and the country’s survival!
  • The Deutchs, the Japanese, Russians and the others are keen to learn English as to fulfill the demand of the era of globalization and at the same time developing their mother language. Recently, majority of their universities are conducting scientific studies and researches through the medium of English. My dear opposition, never, ever regard imitating as mistakes. It is almost indispensable for higher scientific and technological studies to be carried out in English.
  • Acquiring the language means acquiring knowledge unrestrictedly. One who masters it will have the chance to further their studies abroad and coming back as the nations researchers’, at the same time the nation’s think tank. As we’ve said earlier that English is the language of knowledge, our brilliant student who were sent abroad will be able to gather the technical know-how, learnt abroad and after coming back, they will be able to form their team of researches, searching for new techniques which will then create new working opportunities for the people of the country. Apart from that, the new technology found can be exchanged with other developed countries of the world, at the same time involved in the wave of exchanging technology, internationally. Without mastering English, how can our think tank contribute this?

Pergh.SOME of the elements that i have summarized from the whole text. for the detailed elements, wait wait.

everything happens for a reason. the only reason why i put a question mark for the title of this entry is............

^^. yer.the pic shows the banner for the final English debate MASSAK 2010. OMG, agak sengal tajuknya. samo sedap tajuk nih. btw, sir Azhar said even the victory went to the opposition team, but the final competition was the real debate, for him, n the most happening debate at all. ade2 jer unsur nganyim from the both side. booooooooo...

to the opposition team, how could u participate in English debate, at d the same time ure denying the motion.... nges2. **selingan. btw opposition team uall mmg deserve it. fluent jer korang, tp isi tk leh lawe wehh.ahakss.

COMING SOON. the video. video-movie in making......

ha! tanggal 18 April, Ahad baruni ialah birthday sir Azhar. terfikir nk wat surprise, kebetulan sir mintak suh g skol aritu :D. wat simple2 jer, kami puak2 debaters mampu bg cake j sir, atleast sbg tanda nk appreciate sir, kalo nak dicompare ngan sir yg jenis tk bekiro lasung. huh,jauh langit dr bumi.. puh, cayalah! mewoh2.

just after solving all the sir nye tasks in the library, ajak sir g bilik tayangan.jeng2. berjayaaaaa! O: O: Sir ngan Yg Mulia CIkgu King, bestfren beliau dulu kini dan selamnya. hik2..
BTW, congratzz tuk sir n team english debate 2010, jRku blako....... Lina, Ashikin, Syahirah,Teah,Syalena n Hifzan.

:: transferring video from camcoder to PC wasnt too complicated as expected! as well as converting it from .MOD files to MPEG-2 files. solved at last! la la la la~ ::

p/s: this entry will be updated soon. wait for the video!


oghe said...

salam kak..
mano videonyo????????

huhu lame x bukok blog kak fatimah..

fateamah mohdsalleh said...

salam oghe.
xdop namo ko oghe tu.

rilax larrr,tgh wat ni..

yakk,brp taun nah??

oghe said...

Takla sapa bertahun2..ilang ingatan smeta,nasib baik jupo smula,abis ikhtiar doh oghe ni...hhehehe

nk wat pew lgnyo ngan video tu,,cptla wak masuk..huhuuhu

fateamah mohdsalleh said...

sapo ni gak.

video tu,kak nk wak staie movie gitu..
toktawla siap bilo..
bele2 wak,bele2 blaja so try n error la..

soba banyokk.sumguh teh

NiK said...

aii bley wt gk sprze k bella nie..
tp dk ase sis da fly tyme
btdy bella tuu..huk3
cdey wei bras0

fateamah mohdsalleh said...

entry ini yang mengingatkan ku kpd zaman dulu2.

ah, kenapa sudah berasa begitu lama!