Wednesday, November 26, 2008


salam..alo,ma first posting..
accompanied by my lufly cats ;) wiiiiiiiii

gitulah al-kisahnya....

elop is november 26 which the day i start blogging.huh,the truth, ive kept my intntion of blogging since ..?,haha...em,senanyer nk tgu t lps abis exam aku next week,tp ntahla,im writing now,nk try posting jer.nk try jer..bkn aper,ive promised myself, to keep mysef away from onlining within the period of exam.start j blogging,jwbnya ssh la nk OFFLINE..ahah!reality nesio gnilah~aku sdri pun da maklum,while on the line many unuseful duties to be done! Hmm, i keep mentioning ''oloh,tunggu..tunggu nati abih pekso..xlamo doh" everyday. here i blatantly broke my own rules.Ahah!~ Okies, i just said that i will post a try.. ill update my blog next week...continously.Ahakz!!~ i will be sitting for my final paper on 2 Dec. 2 more papers to go. PSI2 on Monday and Economy on Tues, 2 Dec. x sabaaaa nk olyday~ Oh,today i sitted for tinggi paper. something unexpected happened kt dewan td,,we were quarantined about 3hours.haha!lucu+pelik.. Alhamdulillah.ive answered it completely..but sometimes it concerned me as it was very easy.. kay,ive to stop my writing. 5 days to go,merdeka! within this period of time,ill give my best treatment for my study. Pray for my success!~ ilalliqo' ma'assalamah

p/s : lembu2,get ready! =p :DDDD