Wednesday, June 24, 2009



alhamdulillah...again, my school won for the 1st place! syukur alhamduliilah. we, from the opponent team represented by me,izzah and syahirah conquered for english debate competition quarter final massak 09. we all competed with tuan rumah, as well as maahad sabirin ayer lanas Jeli. the topic which has been debated by us was "computer does more harm than computer".

For the 1st round english debate competition, it was held at maahad muhammadi g.muse. we used the same topic and acted as the opponent team that absolutely opposed the motion. being as the opponent team, challenged la gak.but, plis friend, i beg! computer never ever did any harm to us! you shud have blamed those who operate the machine rather than the machine itself. blame the doer, not the invention! hehe, my basis each time i opposed the motion. heeeyyy u! hey strangers hai everyone how dare you are to claim that comp has done more harm while at the same time u re using it?? o: O: 0: o: o: ;)

1st round competition;

maahad rahmaniah vs maahad muhammadi g.muse

trip to gua ikan.....kelihatan bbrp org penyepa. ;p

OMG! the next level... semi final and insyaAllah the competiton will be held at my school. arggghhh, im going to be as proposition team plak that i will be debating on the new topic given. xbest lah jd proposition team... anyway.wish me luck!

FYI, till now ive been worrying bout myself. ive been abandoning my studies and skipping my class start from the first day after the school break till today! oh, what a pity and a hush statement. before accepting the "offer" to particpate the debate, ive thought a lots! ado blako. i taw la,effect2nya akan menyusul!~ too many things striking into my mind currently. sekat semi final padeyy lahh.huhu.. doubting.. for semi final.wether i shud do my best or..... sengaja or.... nk 1st place lg...nak nak tp xse... or..redha jela kalo dpt 2nd pon....or maybe bserah jela blako...if i won the semi final competition so, i have to proceed to final competition....right3? nak xse...nak nak tp xse... g2 lahhh.

so many problems! my STAM oral is scheduled to be done in 13.07... habuk pon xngapa! lamo xsetuh kitab weh. The final competition is scheduled to be held in 12.07. so, if bsungguh nak smpai final that means that ive to practice hard starting from now???sbb yg semi final lah penentu sgla2nya. samo teloh kene beney semi final dulu... but...but...but, wonderful teacher plak unavailable stat from monday. dis weeknd aku plak. off to somewhere that is far away from here and will be available at school on Monday.haish... nak nak tp xse...nak nak tp xse.. so,as to recap, sape suh wat beney sgt! hua3.

arghhh..sure ill keep thinking about dis every me.Ya Allah jgnlah Engkau dugai kami dgn dugaan yg xdpt kami tanggung.. Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan kami. InsyaAllah.

quarter final;

maahad rahmaniah vs maahad as-sabirin

opponent team.

proposition team.

gapo dio gak.

syahirah and izzah my juniors

trip to beijing. ;p
derat wajib.meraikan kemenangan.huahuahua

nih cikgu raja & ckgu azhar.both,best friend forever.
ckgu raja; sang driver.heeehe
ckgu azhar; our wonderpul sir.he's the most person yg byk bantu kami.
sportim bedaah.

he likes

kak azi, penyepa.huuu~
p/s: penyepa ade lg. 1 van.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

spe bwat ni.hehe


When my loved one cat appeared around my house on Friday, i was dumbfounded by its body look especially around its head. its weird look really attracted my attention. OMG! i noticed a swollen part near its ear. i cant describe more. let the pictures tell everything.


kesian gler. i was a bit curious thinking what actually happend to my dear cat. i kept wondering what kind of matter that caused the swollen part as its grow bigger and bigger. but my cat didnt show any pain. it was just cool, cool and sedho even when i tried to touch at the swollen part,kdg2 annoying gak due to its sedho-ness. heee~ i planned to send to veterinar clinic but its situation seemed not too serious. so, i just let my cat as usual-lah, doing its daily routine.heeee~

then, its invisible for a while till my cat appeared again on Saturday night. OMG! the swollen part turned out to be a bleeding part! nk nagis la plop..kesian gler. its situation seemed weak and activeless maybe due to sickness kot. sedikit cemar around ear part. once again, i kept wondering what kind of matter that caused the part to bleed. kalolah aku ditakdirkan bleh communicate ngan hewan2 spt kucem. anxiouslah. beaten by bee? or any other hazardous animal? brutality of human being? or maybe natural phenomena.heeee~

pk2 byk kali, xsanggup la nk cucikan dy, sbb takut kene infection k ape2. huhu.. plus, takot2 dy sakit kalo kene air. plus lg, igt senang ke makhluk ni kalo nk mandi. heeee~ then,dia invisible lak for 1 1/2 days. hehe.., bimbang la gak kot2 ad bnda2 yg xmolep keno kt dy.. pandai2lah dy jaga diri haha agpon aku dh ajar dy berdikari ms kecik lg.hoho. jgn mapus sudoh ler~

smlm, dy appeared lak wif a new look! wow, its wound got better. maybe dy pegi jmpa veterinary surgeon sdirik kot. sedho2.. ape2pon, alhamdulillah. thanks kucem for being my great companion, my H E R O ever; i luff u very much.

gmba nih taim aku mandikan dy ritu.
sblum tuh a mini war happened. ;)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


SALAM. oliday dah blalu 11 ari,
tt mean remain smgu lg..wawawawawa...

refering to the title of this post, actually i gonna write sumting special bout my loved friends..

yea;fatin F;dieb;zow;kyra;k.yati;tem;pqoh;eyena
nadza;farhe;delu(musuh tradisi) heee~
n latest, paris. taniah! he got 2nd intake UIA.

itulah nme2 my classmate yg baru je enroll themselves kat u. sobsss..
13 kua so tinggal 33 skang.

so far,ALHAMDULILLAH, diorang ckp bleh survive, best duk kt sn.
but, in a couple of week past, dieb and yea sometimes texted me telling me
that they were overbored living there.
ccccceeeeh,bjrus nmpak. ;p
owh pttla.kuliah xstat lg..natila kuliah stat,what kind of emotions u re gonna express to me ha?
3 ari pertama sano, haha, i received a lot of msgs telling.."nk balik...nk balik.....!"
ala, xcool ah cenggitu. besa dh kang.
keh3..taw xpe. biarkan~
alhmdlh,able to keep in touch ng dioram.
skang,esok lusa myb koram da stat clas, stat lah bz tu,n stat ar xigt katku tuh!!!
ape2pon arap igt sokmo lah ko aku wei..loni dunio serbo canggih seney jah nk contact!*grumbling

yea aka maream jamelah mazri; my bestfriend lah, my deskmate, classmate apath lg.heee~
bleh dikatakan my companion yg plg rapat kt skolah..
org lain sdri pon ckp "timoh nga mcyea duk kepit 2 ore ni jah sokmo??" it?
kalo + sorg lg, si husna, si tukey ngepom. abissssss.
kalo g mana2 dia ada skali, stat la aku nk jd tolo2.
frankly, aku ni jenis tolol2 gak la kt skolah. yup! im not denying,
i love pranking my buddies and making fun!
sbb tu lah, its a familiar expression to me. kamu ni lucu-lah! kih3.

mmg x sah kalo xsuko dale maso shari.
but, we are not exceeding the limit-lah. kami obey-lah rules kt skolah.
kami jurus-lah.hek3
laughter, connects us with others. if u bring more laughter into your life,
u can most likely help others around u to laugh more, and realize these benefits as well..
ntah, myb da natural instinct kot. alhamdulillah.

wif ustazah BAT kami; ustazah Muthia

Skang nih dh jadik oficially UIA-ian.. ye lah,sblum kuar result upu aritu asik angau ko uia jah~
walapon da jadik student u skang,da dpt kwn baru,da dpt dormate baru,tablemate bru,arap2 xlupekan aku.. i know, ure gonna encounter ur hectic life afterwards. but there are no obstacles to alienate our friendship. moment of leaving.. she+my comrades yg len came to have a last visit to our class, 6B1. it was on wednesday 200509 before she off to kl on thursday.
very sad ending. i know, cuz we are strongly bonded each other.adesss.. sadisss gilo nk pisah.... Mekyah la wakpo lah stat cry2 nyo!
what a coincidence, i was sitting for midyear exam. FYI, i was narrowly to skip for my Feqah ppr. sbb nk ikut dioram turun kt bwh!! heeeee, plus rest time b4 ppr Feqah tu, situation,feelings, emotion mmg totally distracted ah. no memorizing able! plus lg, i spent most of the rest time hanging out with them. last, pekse gak walapon masuk class 30 minutes lewat. mmg spoilt lah!

hmmm..reminiscing of our moment of friendship...there are a lot of precious and unpleasant story that we had faced..

yea,aku mula rapat ng dy awal form 4.. sbb best friend aka deskmate ms tuh, Fatin Ftmah pindah skol~ so, yea lps jer nek clas 4A trus isi tmpat meje kusi Fatin.. so,scra atomatiknya jadik rapat koho rapat... actually dh kenal dy since i was in primary scho0l. we were in the same school. SKBG. a lot of memories there. but we were not classmate. then we met lak in secondary well as Maahad Rahmaniah. taim remove class..kami xsclass . then dpt jump class, 1 exspress 1, jadik la clasmate ng dy.. kenal stakat kenal g2 jela. aku pnya saim ng tablemate ms tuh still Ftn Ftmh~i adore u ten! kecik2 dh bijak pandai. hik3. ms tuh, yea jdk bestfren nga syikin..(bestfren?) waka3, sori yea.. plus, nm dy dah femes2 dh taim tuh sbb dy dh ade scandal nga sumone..isk3(sori to say, yea) . plus lg, dy anak ustzh yg ngaja kt situ ++ ngan conflict2 lain. KOOP included. weh, stiap nesio, xleh lari dr conflict. aku sndiri pon ad gak.. kurang menghadirkan diri ko skolah.kam..kam...kam?(aku mitok lah mg bc ni mcyea weh).. ish3..

then, i entered form 2. FYI, when i was in form 2, it was a worstest year for me for being shifted in class 2C. very2, pisah la ngan Ten + classmate yg len. but we still keep in touch. aaaaaaaa, xbleh nk trimo hakikat weh.. it seemed like a strange and new world for me. sbb, majority of 2C's students umo lebih stahun dr aku. dhla xpenah kenal. "kak-kak" "abe-abe" blako. lebih kurg 10 org je students dr clas 1Ex d clas tuh. so, taim tuh saim ng classmate 1Ex lah, they are eyena,fizah midar,pqoh patu xigt doh. lame2 to okla,best dpt saim ng kak-kak.. especially k.Ila,the most tolol person, tp k.ila skema lah ms tu. FYI, zaman tu gak lah aku mula jd tolol tp utk certain person jela. lain2 keadaan.senyak tipah jah.. hikmah dbalik kejadian rpnyo. ( ure advised to continue ur readin till end of this story to know what actually hppnd.) heeee~

then, survive form 3 lak. i faced for my big exam.PMR.hulk! ALHAMDULILLAH.. dpt nek class balik.form 3A.yahooo...dpt jumpa classmte2 dulu. and i still be bestfren ng Ten, once again..deskmate ng dia. maso nih xscelass plop nga yea.x semua classmte ms tuh aku kenal,so dpt kenal2 kenal n kenal lg. from class 3A lah, aku kenal k.yati; a good prefect n sorg yg femes ngan schema-ness dy. statement yg familiar. situ gak la kenal nadza farhe ng delu...huhu

Naik form 4.. SMU,alhamdulillah. juz i lost my bestfriends,Ten.dy tuka skolah. mulo2 tuh, abis jer PMR tepikir gak sal ni n termasuklah lam plan a result, Ten jugak tuka ke MMP. as i encountered many inconveniences, plus my parents were in Mekah. nobody home..ssh nk urus2 blako, haha, finally i made my decision by staying at Rahmaniah. huhu..then, a person named Maream Jamelah Mazri came to fill the vacancy at Ten's desk. heeee~g2lah al-kisahnyo.

yea wif me; Kem Menuju Puncak SPM'08 at Permai

Zaman SPM, classmate xbrubah. The most challenging time 4 me, as a student. Byk sgt bnda yg berlaku zaman spm.. Undescribeable. i wanna express my gratitude to Allah as all of my efforts were paid off. Alhamdulillah. Xugi pon berusaha!!!!!

Alhamdulillah, dpt jadik saim rapat n deskmate smpai la hari last dy kt skolah aritu..
dy penah ckp, "...moh sbb mg lah aku koho beruboh.." adess laa..
n she even said that the thing that makes her almost sad is i refused to persue my study in UIA,kalo aku accept offer tuh,haruslah aku berkepit ng dy plop...
i replied, weh kalo ado aku gak.. xtaw la mg ni jadi manusio ko jd gapo. anggaplah nih cabaran bg mg. ;p

Remember?...when i was in form 2,i considered it was a disaster year for me, but who knows.. it was also a triumph year for me. la tahzan. i learnt a lot of moral values from what have happened on myself. stat dr tahun tu la, perasaan, semangat nk blaja sungguh2 tuh mari.mari2. i learnt alot, being shifted into 2C was not ill-omened matter, but Allah Almighty, it did inspire me in being a good person and acted as my catalyst to usaha n study sungguh3! be an open minded! Allah akan tolong kpd hambanya yg berusaha! once again, being shifted into 2C, sbenany, there are blessing in disguise. ALHAMDULILLAH. i learnt from all the achievements that i achieved, brpunca from my beginning year when i was in form 2, 2005. so, sbb itulah, dunt easily give up! my basis ever; once again. i wanna emphasize the reason why i desire those motivational sayings, cuz it prones to inspire me most and acts as my own basis eachtime i failed. its no use to indulge ourself into the wrong way without any new step.

to all my friends, ill be missing you all. perjuangan kita masih jauh. koram sumer ngaji aku pon ngaji. yg penting usaha! bo lah main2nyo. duk skoloh malah doh nk ngaji arap2 duk denu rajin2 deh. igt pesanan ustazah sokmo; jaga akhlak, maruah diri. aku doa sokmo.. GUDLUCK!

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